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Brand refresh, Print design, event collateral and website design

With technology fast becoming an integral part of the modern education system, Young Enterprise recognised they had to make changes to offer relevant and engaging services to a wide range of stakeholders. We began with the website but it became quickly apparent to the client they couldn’t do this alone, that they needed to review the whole brand. We worked with a digital brand consultant who did brand research and analysis. Out of that we tweaked the logo but designed new brand look and feel including fonts, colours, graphics and photography.

We created online tools and resources to support students and teachers. These varied from primary though to secondary programmes. The two largest resources to we overhauled were the PREP primary programme and The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme. The challenges were to design unique looks to each programme while still all feeling part of the main brand. Also designing for such a wide age range, with senior students having a strong desire for their collateral to be adult and not talk down to them, which is in vast contrast to what appeals to primary students.

Results have been hugely positive. Young Enterprise have far more users visiting the new website and engaging on site for much longer. Anecdotal feedback is also positive, with teachers embracing the changes and finding resources with much greater ease as well as loving the new designs.

“We need designers who are creative, innovative and flexible and that’s exactly what Dustandlulu offer. Mike and Lindie helped us lift our brand to a whole new level. Their work is now being used by hundreds of teachers throughout New Zealand.”

Sasha Webb, Chief Storyteller, Young Enterprise Trust

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Inspiring young people to discover their potential
Inspiring young people to discover their potential