Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival

Stylised down to earth illustrations that represent the fun and social nature of the festival where you can gather, sip, savour and dance.

Harvest Festival showcases a collection of smaller boutique wines from the Wairarapa, which are complimented by locally made food from some of the highest profile restaurants and food producers. Harvest has a relaxed, down to earth attitude about wine and festival goers get to chat with wine makers. The festival is set in a beautiful, remote riverside setting surrounded by trees and entertained by a variety of musical performers who get the crowd dancing the afternoon away.

Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival Design And Illustration
Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival Booklet Design
Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival Booklet Design
Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival Booklet Design
Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival Poster Design

Harvest wanted a new brand to better reflect the festival experience and appeal to the target audience. We starter with brand strategy which helped us develop a unique proposition of Gather, sip, savour and dance. We wanted to invite festival goers to get together, gather their friends, to sip and savour Wairarapas finest artisanal wines, delectable local produce and dance the afternoon away.

The poster design celebrates New Zealand’s iconic wine and food festival with an illustration to represent the fun and social nature of the festival. We showcase stylised, down to earth people drinking, eating, dancing and playing music in an intimate setting amoungst the trees. The exaggerated shapes are not only fun but relatable and inclusive. The colour palette reflects the setting in the trees as well as autumn harvest colours. We framed the illustration with stylised tree branches to make the viewer feel like they are looking through the trees. Overall it looks modern and inviting, giving viewers a real taste of the great atmosphere of the event.

The new logo feels authentic as it is inspired by the rural farming wool bale stencils, which is a wonderful nod to all the local produce. We placed harvest all in lower case letters to feel relaxed and informal. It is bold to make sure it really stands out, but the letters have soft curves and dots, making sure it is readable while feeling fun and down to earth. 

We applied the new design to all promotional collateral including posters, programmes, signage, certificates, exhibitor passes and social and digital assets.