Urlar Gladstone

Urlar is a Gaelic word that means the earth, perfectly suited to this family owned vineyard that makes handcrafted wines with traditional sustainable practices that give back to the soil while delivering honest, elegant wines.

Urlar engaged us to design a digital newsletter and their new Méthode Traditionnelle which is made using the same winemaking process as Champagne, just grown locally, providing an exciting spin on time-honoured flavours. They currently offer Sparkling Wine so needed this packaging to reflect the premium, time consuming, hand crafted nature of the Méthode Traditionnelle.

Urlar Methode Traditionalle Box & Label Design
Urlar Methode Traditionalle Label Design
Urlar Methode Traditionalle Box Design
Urlar Methode Traditionalle Box Design
Urlar Methode Traditionalle Box Design
Urlar Postcard Design
Urlar Etching Artwork
Urlar Etching Artwork

This elegant, premium bottle design celebrates the brand poem and makes a feature of the moon, both with the oval shaped label as well as the moon illustration. We crafted a new moon graphic that clearly conveys that it is a moon through texture and craters. This clean and classy off white label looks striking against the dark coloured bottle and reinforces the white colour related to the moon. 

This oval label features a rose gold foiled moon, Urlar logo, text and frame to immediately convey premium luxury. The fresh, off white stock feels simple and unadulterated which suits Urlar brand philosophy of organic and biodynamic. The shiny foiled moon contrasts beautifully with the uncoated, slightly textural paper stock. The neck design features the circle moon in the centre with the back circle seal housing the Urlar logo. The neck shroud is a beautiful, shiny rose gold.

To add to the high quality, special nature of this product we designed stunning box packaging. The striking off white uncoated box has a strong, simple design that feels premium and eye catching. On the front side we have placed a large debossed Urlar logo in rose gold foil on it’s side so it sits very proudly on the box demanding attention. Under this we feature the Methode text clean and clear. Then the moon sits as a lovely debossed foiled seal as it goes over onto the left hand side of the box. We then blind debossed the Urlar poem across the other three sides of the box, with gold foiled and debossed key words. Placing the poem over three sides of the box leads the viewer around the box and express a sense of discovery. We placed another moon over the other two sides so that the moon is always partially visible as this is the hero of this Methode Traditionnelle. Embossing the soft, uncoated box card adds a sense of premium luxury as well as a beautiful tactile feel. 

We came up with the concept to create a set of four woodcut prints, one for each season to capture four parts of the brand poem to represent the seasons. Moon, plants, stars, soil, trees, microbes, fungi, mammals, bees we all are Urlar.  We loved the idea of woodcuts because they are hand carved art pieces, hand crafted, just like Urlar’s wines. We commissioned the talented artist Cat Sleyer to bring our concepts to life. Winter features Moon and stars, specifically Matariki. Spring features three bees circling a flower to tell the story of pollination. Summer features flowers to showcase lupin, buckwheat & phacelia, flowers that are grown between the vines to speak to Urlar’s organic practices. Autumn features microbes and fungi. The prints have a wonderful organic feel as well as being unique and artistic. 

Each newsletter features one of the four different woodcut header images. The background of the newsletter has natural, soft off white colour to feel organic. We placed information in sections to break up the content to make the newsletter easier to digest. Photos add visual interest and help tell Urlar’s story in a visual way that captures your brand positioning. 

We used the four woodcut images on Urlar postcards and gift vouchers which use thick, natural uncoated stock to feel both organic and premium. The beautiful craftsmanship and technique of wood cuts really expresses the unique, hand drawn style of art that aligns perfectly with Urlar’s organic, hand crafted offering. 

We developed packaging wine labels and box, publication & print postcards and vouchers and website & digital media, email newsletters.