Unicef Aotearoa

Unveiling a new name, brand positioning and look and feel for UNICEF Aotearoa as they tirelessly work for every child.

For 77 years, UNICEF has been working to protect the rights of children in 192 countries and territories around the world. They advocate for the protection of children's rights, to help meet their basic needs, and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. UNICEF NZ changed their name to UNICEF Aotearoa in recognition of their commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and protecting the rights of all tamariki. Supporting te reo Māori revitalisation and ensuring te reo Māori is more visible, the organisation’s tagline ‘for every child’ is now more frequently written as ‘Mō ngā tamariki katoa’. Indigenous Design and Innovation Aotearoa (IDIA) designed the brand positioning visuals to help tell the new story of UNICEF Aotearoa in a meaningful way creating design elements that connect UNICEF with Māori and to our whānau across the Pacific.  

UNICEF Aotearoa Narrow Website Banner Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Kickathon Poster Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Kickathon Digital Media Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Kickathon Billboard Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Covax Digital Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Covax Digital Tile Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Covax Digital Slim Banner Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Covax Digital Website Design
UNICEF Aotearoa Covax Digital Banner Design

We were tasked with taking these visual elements and applying them across a wide range of UNICEFs campaigns and collateral and exploring brand guidelines. Throughout the brand development process we identified the need to express the more human, childlike nature of UNICEF and this was visually designed through incorporating hand drawn elements including an array of brush strokes and highlighting shapes as well as hand drawn icons.  We have featured a small sample of the design we have had the pleasure of working with UNICEF on. 

Rugby Legend and UNICEF Aotearoa ambassador Dan Carter pushed his mind and body to the limit with the ‘Kickathon’ to break world records by kicking goals for 24 hours straight at Eden Park to raise money for UNICEF’s work in the Pacific. UNICEF needed us to create a campaign that educates, excites and motivates a broad audience about the Kickathon and it’s charitable cause. The campaign featured strong contrast of black and white imagery with pops of brand cyan blue textural brush strokes. We have been developing the use more more human, imperfect, hand drawn elements to feel less corporate and more child like across various campaigns. This was partnered with strong, striking skewed type that was used consistently across the campaign. The campaign featured across multiple digital platforms as well as a digital frame for supporters to engage with and use the campaign. There were digital display billboards, posters and certificates of participation.

We designed two COVAX campaigns that were all about raising funds to deliver 3 billion vaccines to middle and low income countries to help end the pandemic. The key messaging was first focussed on people who have got their shot and encouraging them to consider others who don’t have that opportunity. And then later in the year when we had mass levels of vaccinations, we dovetailed to more of rallying cry to end the pandemic. They needed a visual style that was super simple and distinctive from other campaigns as well as creating a sense of urgency. We used bold, hand drawn key messaging to feel urgent and human and partnered this with beautiful close up, engaging portraits of people to keep human need at the forefront of this campaign. The in the moment approach feels intimate and observational. We added  a brush stroke version of the poutama pattern to include a bicultural element with a strong UNICEF blue presence. We designed social media campaigns including static and animated ads as well as assets across UNICEF full suite of platforms to drive donations.

The first UNICEF Covax campaign needed to have an element of solemnity and professional appearance due to the subject matter and the high-net-worth target audience. We needed to find a balance of authenticity versus boldness. We designed a campaign with colour blocks, bold typography in a consistent lockup paired with colour images of children and healthcare workers, teachers, etc. We had a mixture of clear cut photos on colour blocks and some full images to showcase the natural environment and to help give the feeling of the variety of children and people affected by Covid. We designed a stylised globe graphic as a background graphic to reinforce the messaging of the need for a global response and that together we can positively impact children’s lives. 

We have developed brand look and feel design, Publication & print stationary, word and powerpoint templates, certificates, staff handbook and many varied campaigns including direct marketing print pack designs and digital assets for billboards, advertising on various platforms and a wide range of social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.