Twiggy Estate

Capture the festive magic of selecting your own fresh, groomed, fragrant New Zealand or exotic Christmas Tree.

Real Christmas trees evoke a sense of childhood and family traditions as you wander the estate, soaking in the smells of real Christmas trees, selecting the perfect tree for your celebrations.  

Twiggy Estate Logo Design Suite
Twiggy Estate Illustration Graphic Suite
Twiggy Estate Monogram Suite Design
Twiggy Estate Tree Tag Design
Twiggy Estate Digital Desktop Website Design

Twiggy Estate branding needed to capture the magic of Christmas in a premium and elegant way that reflected this high end experience, products and service. The beautifully crafted serif type based logo sets the scene for sophisticated elegance. We designed a T monogram that uses the T typography and then incorporates an elegant Christmas tree branch through the centre to showcase fresh Christmas trees. Then to bring the magic of Christmas we designed and illustrated a suite of illustrations that immediately convey Christmas trees and support the offering and brand personality.

“Smell the difference” illustration celebrates how nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree. We illustrated an elegant hand holding a perfume bottle to convey beautiful smells. The hand is illustrated in a refined and stylish way, using a  light line weight which contrasts beautifully with the solid colours and shapes used to illustrate the perfume bottle. We added touches of half tone to add depth and add a sense of craft and care to the illustrations. The colour palette of blush pink, dark green and copper add sophistication.

“What’s your unique style” illustration expresses how it’s over to you to choose the tree that you love the best. So we have illsutrated a gorgeous Christmas tree then placed arms hugging the tree to show how you fall in love with your tree. We love how the arms cleverly utilise negative space and reflect the same visual style across all illustrations. Elegant, simple shapes express the decorations. 

“The royal treatment” illustration shows a Christmas tree with an elegant crown on top to speak to how these Christmas trees are carefully grown, shaped and cared for as well as how customers need to care for their trees once they are home.

“Let the holiday season begin” celebrates the tradition of picking your own Christmas tree by showing an oversized hand picking up a Christmas tree.

“Delivery your way” speaks to how after selecting your tree you can choose to come back and pick the tree up or get it delivered by showing a Christmas tree on it’s side with wheels and movement lines to illustrate being delivered.

“Tree-cycled” shows Twiggy Estates focus on the environment and sustainably producing trees by creating a recycle symbol out of Christmas trees, that have been curved to replicate the recycle symbol in a stylish way that shows it is about recycling trees. We then   placed this inside a Christmas bauble to ensure Christmas is top of mind.  

We crafted a suite of decorative monograms for each of the different types of trees, New Zealand Pine, Scotch Pine, Cedar, Norway, Spruce, Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, white Fir and Nordmann. We elegantly intertwined the initial letters of each tree type and then placed them inside unique, bespoke holding shapes. These holding shapes incorporate different shapes together, with the inside shapes created using a singular line and then outside shape beautifully crafted with multiple lines to convey premium sophistication. These monograms are used to indentify the trees on the tags as well as used as an overlay hover state on the photos of the various trees on the website to additionally express the tree type in an elegant way.