Melbourne inspired speciality coffee bar that delights customers with unexpected culinary experiences that needed a brand that showcased unexpected and creative delights to reflect the fun experience.

 A fun Wellington/ Melbourne style licenced speciality coffee bar with tasty food and great music. They feature a local wine and beer list and hidden courtyard that is not offered in Masterton. All this in a place that feels as comfortable as home. Somewhere you could sit for hours and catch up with your friends.

Trocadero Pattern And Logo Design
Trocadero Illustration And Concept Design
Trocadero Pattern And Logo Design
Trocadero A5 Menu Design
Trocadero Coffee And Window Brand Design

Trocadero is a cheeky brand, all about the crafting and curating of unique, unexpected and quality coffee, food, wine and beer delights. The logo design is strong and creative, instantly conveying a street inspired Melbourne vibe with a crafted script font. Fun and creativity are expressed through the combination of the vibrant and unexpected colour palette, patterns, illustrations and photos. The unexpected combination of strong vibrant colours in a variety of animal prints and other patterns immediately conveys that this brand is a little bit different and stands out from the crowd.

Our client wanted to use Little Golden Book covers, with the menus fitting inside. We illustrated a naughty bunny, inspired by the Golden Book story of the same name. We switched him up by adding a slingshot and Mickey Mouse hands, to add a bit more to the naughty attitude and make it their own. We love that the illustrations relate to the books, capturing nostalgia but with a modern, creative twist. We incorporated strong statements that reflect the unique brand attitude. These clever, playful statements are conversation starters and become a brand feature. We started with “Great minds drink alike”. This is a play on words from the saying great minds think alike, bringing in humour and attitude by talking about drinking.

We developed branding, illustration, publication & print design including menus, business cards, loyalty cards, vouchers, signage, both exterior and interior including coffee machine and toilet signs as well as digital social media assets.