The Loft Barbers

The Loft Barbers offers stylish cuts, grooms and fades and needed a brand that captures this craftsmanship and the high quality grooming service on offer.

Dustysandlulu designed a brand that combined classic Barbershop tradition with modern excellence and local pride. The owner is born and bred in Martinborough and after returning from living in Australia noticed a gap in the market the could benefit his whanau and friends.

Loft Barbers Martinborough Logo Design
Loft Barbers Martinborough Business Card Design
Loft Barbers Martinborough Blade and Monogram design
Loft Barbers Martinborough Blade and Monogram t-shirt design
Loft Barbers Martinborough Flag Signage Design
Loft Barbers Martinborough internal

We crafted bespoke type that has a nod to barber shop vintage signage but executed in a more modern way. The industrial style, crafted, custom logo design feels relaxed and welcoming. We incorporated decorative details of flourishes to reinforce classic tradition and the Martinborough postcode to express tradition and local pride.

We developed a suite of supporting graphics including a stylised cut throat knife and LB monogram with a TLB copyright style circular monogram to showcase the craft of grooming and add creativity and flexibility to the brand.  

We selected a shiny gloss gold to feel premium and reflect the old school barbershop mirror gold. The shiny gold branding on the black building made the signage really stand out. It also contrasts beautifully with the internal fit out that is very industrial and rustic.