Skin Deep Cosmetic Laser Clinic

Skin Deep Cosmetic Laser Clinic is in Petone, Wellington and specialises in laser skin treatments and tattoo removal. They already had a logo but approached us to create internal signage that expressed what they did through a collage mural with a sense of humour. 

We loved working on this project, creating a collage that expresses what Skin Deep do and where they are located in a fun and memorable way. We love that people will see more as look longer at the collage and discover the fun and beauty within.

Skin Deep Cosmetic Laser Clinic Wall Mural Design

We started with a beautiful pair of legs in heels kicking up through the centre of the collage to feel feminine and represent laser hair removal. We coloured the legs green, adding grass texture that is being vacuumed up by a vintage women to add a playful sense of humour.

Then to highlight all the laser work you do we have a vintage space woman’s head in an astronaut helmet firing a laser gun, which is emphasised by placing a laser zap in words and a star burst behind. 

Above the laser we have a magicians hands, one holding his hat out of which a gorgeous woman is popping out of. She has both of her arms raised behind her head to feature her arm pits, which the other magician hand is holding a wand and playfully making her arm pit hair disappear. This is emphasised by adding a few magical stars to show the area we are focusing on.

Behind the legs in the centre of the collage we placed both a Jackson street sign post and a line drawing of a lighthouse to represent Pencarrow lighthouse. Adding the line drawing brings in contrast to the coloured artwork and add some height to form the peak of the collage.

We have a seagull representing the harbour as well as an inside out umbrella floating away in the Wellington wind.

Under here we created a beautiful outline of the back on a women to show her curves and speak specifically to body contouring. We filled her with a vintage map of Petone towards Lower Hutt. These lines speak to body contouring as well as the your location.

Over lapping the figure is a male body in a white singlet featuring multiple tattoos over his arms and torso. We replaced his head with that of a cat with exaggerated lips and laser beams coming out of it’s eyes. The beams are aimed at the sun bathing women’s leg to remove her anchor tattoo. Beside her is a male figure swimming in the harbour with a tattoo on his arm too.

In the centre of the foreground we feature the artisan water fountain in Petone which we’ve emphasised the tap with a larger tap and water drop. To the left of this we have the Oriental Parade boat sheds and a lawnmower moving the grass in front to represent hair removal. On the right hand side we have a silhouette of the Petone Wharf sign and gates and have a female diving into the water to speak to the wharf.

Finally in the water on the left hand side we feature a water buoy with the Solace statue and on the right a beautiful, ornate water fountain to represent Oriental Parade fountain but in a more elegant way. It’s also floating inside a life ring to make it a bit more fun.

Combined it cleverly brings together recoloured photos, illustrations, line work, solid coloured areas, full coloured photos to create a elegant and classy yet fun and interesting signage mural.