Scotties Meats

We kill ‘em, you grill ‘em, vehicle signage that is a moving billboard designed to make people laugh with fun illustrations and statements.

Scotty’s Meats is an established supplier of high quality meat, that has been servicing Martinborough for the last 33 years. Scotty wanted to brand his truck that delivers all over the Wellington region and we decided to make it a bit of a show piece, a moving billboard that would grab peoples attention and be memorable. 

Scotties Meats Delivery Truck Design
Scotties Meats Illustration Collage Design
Scotties Meats Brand Graphics Suite
Scotties Meats Business Card Design

Scotty is a bit unconventional and is well known for the grammatical errors in his street signage. We came up with a suite of meat sayings, that we adapted to suit Scotty’s personality. The brand was designed to get people to have a laugh and start conversation. Sayings like more meat than you can handle, well hung meat and you can’t beat my meat are cheeky with sexual undertones. We kill’em you grill’em speaks to the reality of their offering in a straight talking way.

We combined a casual typeface with a strong street illustration style. The graphics have been designed to add to the sense of humour, after all this truck is bad to the bone. The simple use of black and red adds great visual impact on all the signage.

Scotties created accomodation above the butchers called the Butchers Loft and required branding that tied into the main butchery branding. We used the same typeface to visually link the brands and placed the text inside a butchers knife for strong visual presence as well as reinforcing that matter of fact nature of the brand and push the unique factor that this accommodation sits above a butchers. We created a playful strap line to let people know this is accommodation of Bloody Good Accomodation. This cheeky statement plays on the word bloody relating to meat as well as the fact that it is really good accommodation. It feels consistent with the fun meat statements to strongly link to the Scotties brand. Once we designed the branding we created the building signage.

We developed branding design, vehicle and building signage and packaging bags for the retail store