Reid Brothers Distilling Limited

New Zealand’s natural flora shines in this uniquely Kiwi gin that features kawakawa, manuka & horopito

Reid Brothers Distilling Limited is a craft distillery located in Martinborough, New Zealand and was founded by brothers Stew and Chris Reid. They set up Reid+Reid to challenge the perception of a "classic" gin and promote New Zealand's unique natural flora through it’s three native New Zealand botanicals: kawakawa, manuka and horopito. Reid+Reid are uniquel craft distillers on New Zealand.

Reid And Reid Gin Label Design Set
Reid And Reid Barrel Aged Gin Label Design
Reid And Reid Native Gin Label Design

We designed the labels with these botanicals at the heart as they make this gin unique. We illustrated the botanicals in a line drawing style that is reminiscent of old botany history books. We placed these around the branding, framing it so the label as a whole feels botanical. We designed these botanicals to be printed in high build on the background colours to add subtly and intrigue and allow them to shine in different lights.

We designed the logo to contrast with the delicate botanicals, to have a strong presence. It shines in metallic gold, adding a sense of premium product.

What started out as Native gin only, has grown into a full suite of products including Reverent Dawsons Gin, Zesty Lemon Gin, Vermouth, Dry Vermouth, Aperitif and Martinborough Cup. All products utilise the same design elements but change up the colour combinations to uniquely identify each of the packaging label designs.

We designed branding, packaging and signage for the Martinborough distillery and gin & tonic bar.