Visually expressing a strong brand story through branding with a lot of aroha, that recognises the unique cultural heritage of New Zealand by valuing the diversity of cultural and spiritual heritages amongst it’s students.

Puawananga is an inclusive, loving, nurturing, safe place where all young parents are entitled to continue their education so they can develop the life skills, and gain the qualifications that will enhance their self esteem, life opportunities and future prospects, for themselves, for their children, their whanau and ultimately for society.

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Puawananga was formally called The Wairarapa Teen Parent Unit. Students had expressed their thoughts around the name and how they did not think the name was appropriate as some students are 20 or even sometimes older. The teen part of it made some students feel like they are too old or shouldn't be here. Students and staff went through a whole process of work and consultation and settled on Puawanaga. Puawananga is a native clematis flower (flower of the stars) that grows in our area. We liken the journey of schooling to the flowers which have to send their stems up trees to get the light of the sun to grow flowers. In this way it is like people striving for knowledge by reaching out to attain education. The blooms are our parents and the seeds their precious pepe.

The new brand really celebrates the name and brand story by having a clematis based logo. We designed a beautifully balanced, geometric logo with six stylised, round petals that feel inclusive. We created definition between the petals by using a solid line that finishes in a half tone treatment that gives a sense of depth as if the petals are going over and under each other to add a sense of weaving. The seeds of the flower that represent our pepe have been created by using koru shapes that connect the seeds to the petals / parents. The three koru in the centre represent the three values of doing what is right, pursuing wisdom through learning and helping and supporting others. The whole flower represents the mission statement of Kia Manawanui - with courage and compassion. We created strong curves in the letter forms to tie in with the curves in the inclusive, positive and nurturing icon. 

We designed a stunning colour palette that takes inspiration from the colours of clematis, adding in additional bright, earthy, natural colours. We explored colours that align these with the brand values. For courage and compassion we choose brown, as it means reliability and strength and yellow as it is uplifting, inspires boldness and promotes feeling of happiness. Doing what is right is burnt organs to represent creativity, energy and socialisation alongside maroon which is wisdom, calm, control, responsibility and thoughtfulness. Pursuing wisdom is blue to stand for trust, wisdom, confidence and intelligence and green for renewal and growth. Finally for helping and supporting (Aroha) we have blush pinks to symbolise good health and nurturing. 

We developed branding design, publication & print stationery and signage.