Physio Spot

A logo mark that signals a consistent starting point, a base for creativity and diversity to erupt from, to disrupt the market and make a real difference to help students get active.

The team at Willis Street Physiotherapy run The Physio Spot, a social enterprise offering half price physiotherapy to students and community card holders. The clients of Willis Street Street Physiotherapy help subsidise students in need, stopping a lack of money from affecting education in Aotearoa. The Physio Spot offers quality, friendly, respectful, safe, affordable independent physiotherapy and wellness services.

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Physio Spot Brand Design Guidelines
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Our brand thinking began with our concept around the use of PS and how it stands for both Physio Spot and the traditional postscript, meaning “written after.” The PS demands attention and getting noticed. The PS. opens conversation, expresses the values through caring, clever or funny thoughts or calls to action. It becomes the brand mark, our signature, simple and easily recognisable. It calls for diverse, creative expression in the ways in which the brand can be applied.

The logo is a P, made up from two stylised shapes, with the top part of the P taking inspiration from speech bubbles and the bottom circle not only forms the bottom of the P but also representing the spot of Physio Spot. It’s bold, confident, with the solid shapes offering large areas for the brand to come to life through the creative application of colour and pattern. It feels friendly and accessible which aligns beautifully with the brand values. 

Fun and creativity is expressed through the colour palette selection. The combination of strong vibrant colours immediately coneys that this brand is a little bit different and stands out from the crowd. We believe the combination of logo, colour palette, typography with the strong use of PS. and imagery as a whole reflects your full offering. The brand uses strong key messages that reflects the unique brand values and attitude. These conversational statements then become a brand feature. We’ve incorporated duo toned photography and smiley face icons to perfectly compliment your conversational messaging, a great wink to the PS.

We developed branding, publication & print stationery, signage and digital website design.