Expressing handcrafted wallpaper curiosities through a brand that has been designed with humour, curiosity and artistic expression.

Paperhands is an authentic, handcrafted wallpaper brand that is all about celebrating the time honoured tradition of hand printing quality wallpaper. They add humour, curiosity and artistic expression to our unique designs. They work thoughtfully to produce unexpected wallpaper delights whose quality and creativity reflect their joyful toil and passion for our craft.

Paperhands Wallpaper Logo Design
Paperhands Wallpaper Graphics & Logo Lockup Suite Design
Paperhands business Card Design
Paperhands Wallpaper Graphics Suite Design
Paperhands Wallpaper Box Design
Paperhands Wallpaper Collage Image Suite Design

The brand design reinforces the brand qualities of premium, hand-crafted and artistic. We designed a typographic logo treatment that is modern but timeless to represent the time honoured craft of hand screen printing wallpaper. The quirky and artistic traits come through the supporting graphics. We’ve designed a series of supporting logo lock ups to help express artistic and hand crafted. These incorporate the curious illustrations, the “Hand crafted wallpaper curiosities” strapline as well as another supporting statement “Well Hung since 2009”. This is playful and expressive, bringing humour into the brand in a clever way. Having this suite of logo options helps the brand to be very expressive and creative.

We designed a series of supporting illustrations to reinforce quirky curiosities and give the brand a real individuality. We came up with nine illustrations that capture the idea of combining two different objects to create the unexpected. We designed an eyeball, which represents the idea of in the eyes of the beholder, looking at beauty, with the curling wallpaper integrated in the eye. The bell jar, a decorative household object of beauty, with a human heart to express displaying something of beauty that you’ve fallen in love with. The paint brush with octopus bristles showcases your artistic printing with the very unexpected octopus. The pencil with rabbits foot is again about representing your artist creativity, with the idea of luck, you are lucky to have Paperhands wallpaper. The squeegee printing a hand reinforces hand crafted screen printing. The paint can cocktail combo shows the paint used in screen printing and unexpectedly adding a quirky cocktail, which you can drink in your beautiful home. 

To further reinforce curiosities we’ve created a series of supporting photographic images. They bring a real quirkiness to the brand and create an eye catching and memorable visual. The colour palette is inspired by the idea of unexpected combinations. We’ve incorporated vibrant colours, pastel colours and some deep, rich, sophisticated colours to create a flexible range of creative colours.

We developed branding, illustration and packaging that included wallpaper box design.