On Giants’ Shoulders

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. The story at the heart of the brand, the positioning statement, the name and the brand look and feel. A brand that uses the understanding gained by winegrowers and winemakers who have gone before to make exceptional wine and grow the legacy. 

In the pioneering wine making community of Martinborough, Braden and Gabrielle Crosby pay homage to those that came before them, having grown from the knowledge and labour of others to produce single-vineyard wines in their four hectare vineyard in the heart of Martinborough. Our brief was to capture the family winegrowers paying homage to those that have come before to appeal to discerning wine lovers who appreciate premium wine. 

On Giants’ Shoulders Wine Bottle Label Design
On Giants’ Shoulders Label Gold Fold Emboss
On Giants’ Shoulders Moodboard
On Giants’ Shoulders Moodboard
On Giants’ Shoulders Illustration Concepts
On Giants’ Shoulders T Shirt Design Mockups

Their brand story is captured perfectly in their labels through the name and detailed illustration of a unique tree. Trees are giant creations with amazing trunks, the twists tell the story of the time and hard work that has gone before to create a strong tree. The tree has a perfect balance of whimsical and gnarly. The tree trunk is inspired by vines, taking the twists and rough texture of vines and stylising it to make it more whimsical. We brought the tree to life with soft, delicate leaves which contrast with the gnarly trunk. We made the shapes of the tree exaggerated to feel more whimsical. We placed the tree in a gold embossed foil to emphasis the texture and add a sense of premium, hand crafted wine. Overall the tree illustration feels like something to treasure, authentic, respectful, responsible and reliable.

We’ve created a sans serif, clean, modern logo to balance the whimsical and the minimalistic personality traits. For the packaging we designed a beautiful, contrasting pair of wine labels, with a black label for red wines and a white label for the white wines. This simple contrast reflects this modern wine that has been made with serious heart and craft. 

We developed branding design and packaging wine labels