Myers Planning & Associates and Assemble Design Collective

Myers Planning & Associates is a Property, Planning and Land Development Advisory firm who deliver quality, friendly and experienced town planning supported by our in-house design / drafting capabilities (Assemble Design Collective).

Owner and director Steve Myers vision of incorporating town planning, building design and project management services under one roof has brought together a team of multidisciplinary professionals. This required new brands for these two businesses as well as CoLab, the building which houses workshare space for these businesses and those seeking to create better buildings, better communities and better environments.

Myers Planning And Associates Logo Suite Design
Myers Planning And Associates Logo Design
Myers Planning And Associates Business Card Design
Myers Planning And Associates Exterior Building Design
Myers Planning And Associates Vehicle Design
Assemble Logo Suite Design
Assemble Logo Design
Assemble Plans Storage Tube Design

We designed a unique M monogram that has been crafted from architectural plan drawings, specifically the way a single doors is shown. We’ve then placed two open doors reflected and overlapping to create the M. These immediately convey that Myers are experts at town planning while expressing brand personality and values of reliable as they know how to get results and approachable as they value explaining things in an easy and understandable way to make the process simple for their clients.

The type is modern, simple and clear. WE placed Myers large and bold and then Planning & Associates smaller underneath is regular weight. This helps simplify the long name, especially as people short it to Myers anyway.We created a brand suite of portrait, landscape and type only formats. The brand colour palette is vibrant and eye catching in lime green and charcoal. Lime green is associated with nature, confidence, and high energy and is thought to promote feelings of liveliness, freshness, and creativity. Lime green is seen around the community in high vis gear, increasing visibility and safety.

The Assemble brand needed to feel consistent with the Myers brand as the two brands work side by side. We created a stylised A icon that is made up from a simple house icon shape. This feel similar like it belongs in the same family as the M icon. We’ve used the same type treatment. We designed the colour palette of yellow and charcoal. Yellow is commonly associated with warmth, energy, happiness, hope and fun.   

 CoLab branding features a bold logo that has been crafted from a serif base.  This exaggerated, chunky serif has strong creative appeal as it represents the brands unique offering in a quirky, fun meets professional way. The logo has strong presence and works perfectly large on the exterior of the building.

We developed branding, publication & print stationary, word documents, signage and digital website design