Martinborough Wine Village

Martinborough Business Association promotes local businesses so everyone can discover the charm of this boutique world-class wine village and briefed us to create a new brand that would capture and showcase Martinborough’s unique offering while reflecting diversity and creativity.

Martinborough is a historic village, located only an hours drive from Wellington. There is a diverse community of farmers, food producers, creative small business owners, wine makers, families and weekenders who all count themselves as locals. It’s a place of culture and creativity, where people come to discover new tastes, fresh talents, outdoor adventures, to cherish the heritage and embrace Martinborough’s relaxing country charm.

Martinborough Wine Village Badge Design
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Martinborough Wine Village Street Flag Design
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Martinborough Wine Village Christmas Poster Series

We began by articulating our brand strategy including our unique proposition, “Rural meets urban in a historic village with relaxed charm”. We identified the core values / personality traits and then came up with a strap line Shop Local. Stay Local. Love Local, to help promote the idea of supporting local. Everyone needs to shop, whether it’s for groceries 

or business services. Stay, whether it’s for a weekend or to live and when you do this, you’ll ultimately love local, meaning loving everything about Martinborough. We proposed that local is at the heart of the brand. 

The brand we created is wonderfully bold and eye-catching. It embraces diversity and creativity through various versions of the logo and combining them with a variety of photos that help convey the true experience people will get in Martinborough. Embracing variations reflects our varied community. 

The logo is based on a strong M letter form, taking a flat shape and creating a 3D feel though clever line work. The various placement of lines helps create depth as they play with shadows and highlights. The lines also take on the concept of the union jack as the diagonal lines intersect.

We designed the website as a one stop shop for visitors who are coming to stay and play and locals who live and work here or want to move there. The home page directs the user to select one of those options to then discover all the local offerings while showcasing business association members. The website has been designed to be easy to navigate Stay and Play through the various sections and ensure Live & work not only has a directory but information on working locally and member benefits and the ability to become a member. We also created a local events  section to ensure this website has become the number one local digital site for all things Martinborough. 

We developed branding, signage and digital website design