Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser

Round the Vines branding design offers a sense of fun, social, approachable as it appeals to the target audiences.

Round the Vines is Martinborough Schools iconic fundraising event with a strong following of casual walkers and serious runners. The primary audience is 30+ woman who love the fun, social aspect of the event. Martinborough Round the Vines is a fun event that offers 10km or 21km, walking or running, passing through quiet country roads and otherwise inaccessible vineyards. Themed drink stations throughout the event feature live music as well as samples of local wines for those who have a more relaxed approach to the day! It is a fantastic fund-raiser for Martinborough School! 

Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser Logo Suite Design
Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser Illustration Design
Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser Poster Design
Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser Newspaper Advert Design
Martinborough School - Round the Vines Fundraiser Fence Scrim Design

We created a logo that feels fun, friendly, social, community, approachable and appeals to both of the main target audiences, women 30+ and the more serious runners. We’ve created the logo around a circle, to go with the round the vines. It not only represents the words but it makes it soft and fun. We based the type of a friendly script font which has an event feeling rather than a corporate logo. It’s fl uid and exciting. The angle of the text gives it movement and excitement. The type feels playful and helped by the fact that we integrated the vine canes into the type, adding cane swooshes. We love how this conveys vines in a clever and fun way.

The poster immediately conveys fun and the fact that this event has both the serious runner appeal and well as the social, relaxed appeal. We placed a runner as the hero of the poster, but placed him a banana suit to showcase the dress up, playful and fun nature of the event. We supported him with a team of banana runners to show how people dress up and come in groups. It makes for an effective and memorable poster as after all, this is what the poster needed to do, attract attention of those that don’t know about the event, stand out to other promotional posters it’s competing with and stay in peoples minds.

The latest Round the Vines set a new record of funds raised for the school.

We developed branding design, illustration, publication & print design including posters, vouchers, advertising including billboards, street flags, event day signage and digital social media assets