Martinborough Coffee Company

Martinborough Coffee Company is an artisan, boutique coffee company that roasts small batch, handcrafted, fair trade and organic coffee.

With Martinborough Coffee Company’s philosophy of let the coffee shine we crafted a brand that feels artisan and handcrafted through the unique, organic designs featured on each coffee blend. To enhance how the coffee is sustainable and ethically sourced we use brown coffee bags.   

Martinborough Coffee Company Hop Scotch Blend label Design
Martinborough Coffee Company Coffee Cup Design Suite
Martinborough Coffee Company Coffee Bag Label Design Suite

The branding starts with a bespoke Martinborough Coffee Company crest that puts coffee at the heart of the logo by placing that word largest onside the crest. This reflects how they aim to highlight what makes their Coffee unIque. Crest designs typically say traditional, offical, strong and give an air of authenticity. The modern design of this crest ensures the logo feels relevant while the stylised line work expresses precision crafting and the science behind roasting. The contemporary monogram weaves the letters M and C together to add a touch of luxury and professionalism and evoke loyalty and trust with their target audience.

We designed an artists series of fluid, organic patterns that were designed to express the coffee crema, the signature tan coloured foam that rests on the top of a freshly pulled shot of espresso. The crema is flavourful and aromatic and our colourful illustrations aim to capture the flavourful liquid and the organic movement as the coffee is poured. Each blend features a different illustration and colour palette to show how the results are always varied and unique. The rich metallic copper colour is incorporated into each liquid coffee design to compliment the metallic logo and enhance the vibrant, sophisticated colour palettes. These colour combinations on each label design feel rich and mesmerising.