Karahui Bar & Eatery

Karahui means to gather together, assemble and is a place where food and wine come together with timeless values, relaxed service & understated style, simply put, a whare to hang out in and an experience to share with others.

Karahui is a modern dining destination, offering great food and wine served by happy people. At Karahui, they embrace the value of ‘Manaakitanga’ which means genuine care for people, offering warm hospitality with respect, humility, and kindness so they can enjoy great wine, food and experiences with their whanau and friends a fun, inclusive and accessible space. They offer the opportunity to interact with wine makers at wine tasting events. Karahui is housed in the beautiful old bank building in the heart of Martinborough square. This stunning, beautifully restored building features the old vault, a perfect place to enjoy intimate wine tastings and memorable private events.

Karahui Logo Design
Karahui Logo And Icon Design
Karahui Digital Instagram Post Design
Karahui Collage Poster Design
Karahui Collage Poster Design Series

The new Karahui logo feels beautiful, inviting, refined and premium. It’s contemporary with a nod to tradition and the tradition of wine tasting through the use of a serif typeface. The K features loops that add a touch of elegance and beauty while helping connect the letters to represent gathering and coming together. Karahui all in lowercase letters to add to the welcoming, approachable tone. 

We came up with the idea of creating supporting illustrations featuring a collage of objects to visually represent gathering together and assembling. Feels accessible, inclusive and inviting as we visualise the four entrances to the Square showcasing that the offering of Karahui is a fun, colourful and diverse atmosphere that isn’t a boring, exclusive wine experience. The style uses vintage inspired images and illustrations that add a nod to the traditional experience of wine tasting but in a modern, vibrant way with glimpses of humour. Each collage showcases the features of the road and experiences on offer when you follow that path. Each of them also feature the iconic buildings on each of the corners of the Square, the Karahui Bank building, the original Pukemanu hotel, Pain & Kershaw building and the Martinborough hotel. 

Together they express Karahui, the coming together of people to experience the food, wine, care and hospitality while having a lot of fun. 

We developed branding, illustration, print design including menus, business cards, vouchers, signage and website design.

“Not only are Dustysandlulu amazingly creative and very professional, but also fun to work with. They possess a ‘nothing is a problem’ and ‘everything is possible’ attitude. We could not be happier.” ⁠