Kahu Environmental

Branding a values-based company that cares deeply about doing the right thing and empowering people and organisations to make sustainable connections with the environment.

Kāhu environmental offers expert help for environmental projects.Their team of planning, kaupapa taiao, and ecology specialists help design and carry out exceptional policy reviews and environmental projects. They work with central and local government, community groups, marae, hapū, iwi, and NGOs across New Zealand. They believe projects can create a future where sustainability is the norm, the environment comes first, and Māori partnerships are honoured. 

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Kāhu Environmental is the new name for Perception Planning. They’ve evolved from one planner in his garage, to 15 vibrant and energetic people in three locations doing more than just planning. For them the name Kāhu Environmental evoked the vision and fine skills that we are known for, and perfectly describes their new direction. The kāhu is a bird with amazing eyesight which reflects their perception origin. A kāhu hovers above the earth and takes in a landscape view, which is required for their specialty areas. Kāhu can hone in on fine detail, which is one of our great skills. The kāhu successfully straddles both the Māori and Pākehā worlds, it is at home in native forests, pasture, and forestry. Much of the work that they do operates in both spheres.

Our new brand logo cleverly expresses Kāhu Environmental’s new vision and fine skills. The whole shape represents the new direction of Kāhu Environmental, while each layer expresses elements of nature. The top layer is Air (Hau), the place the Kāhu hovers above the earth, taking in a landscape view. This is represented by a soft curve, arcing over the landscape. Under that is the Forests (Wao), represented by an unfurling leaf. When you combine the top two shapes they create a simple, stylised eye of the Kāhu. The third shape is water (Kātao), represented by a mirrored curve from air, a stylised wave or flowing river. This is about honing in on the fine details of the environment. Finally we have land (Whenua) and how Kāhu is at home in the native forests, pastures and forestry. This is a reflected curve from water, indicating the curve of land forms. It feels collaborative with the combination of four shapes. 

The brand features aerial photos to reinforce the elements of nature. Combing the icon and imagery forms a strong graphic visual language that helps reinforce how Kāhu straddle the environment and their insight. We created an unexpected colour palette that is bright, vibrant and colourful. It expressed the colours of nature and the air, forests, water and land as well as the warm colours of people in a creative way.

“I have worked with Mike and Lindie on a number of branding and design projects over the past ten years. This has included two comprehensive rebranding processes for our consultancy business, as well as the design and layout of several publications. They always deliver amazing creative results that completely hit the mark. Mike and Lindie’s friendly and engaging process of scoping and refining the design is one of their real strengths, as it means they develop a very clear understanding of both the design objectives and their client’s values and culture. As a result, I have always felt part of the design process and that the resulting designs feel inherently ‘right’ - something that I haven’t experienced with other designers that don’t prioritise sitting down together and developing a close rapport. Mike and Lindie are that rare combination of being highly skilled professionals that are completely down to earth, which makes them so great to work with.”
Phillip Percy