Joiy Wine

An antidote to the ordinary and an elixir of enjoyment in these seriously good wine in cans.

Joiys brand ethos is to toast the mischief makers, the blue sky dreamers, the free thinkers, the dare devils and the angels. They produce seriously good wine in cans giving people the chance to drink great wine without having to open a whole bottle. Joiy is about fun. An antidote to the ordinary, a serum for seriousness, an elixir of enjoyment. Joiy is easygoing and accessible, ready for festivals, feasts and flights of fancy. 

Joiy Wines Can Design Selection
Joiy Wines Illustration Sangria Mimosa Collage Design
Joiy Wines Illustration And Two Can Box Design
Joiy Wines Can Design Selection
Joiy Mimosa Shipper Box Design
Joiy Pinot Gris Shipper Box Design
Joiy Wines Website Homepage Design
Joiy Wines Pineapple Seltzer Website Page Design
Joiy Wines Illustration Collage Design

Our first project with Cath and Chris was the redesign of their Seltzer cans, a lighter, delicious option crafted for the health-conscious with lower calories, low sugar, and lower alcohol. The brief was to ensure the can design strongly featured the flavour profile while expressing the brand values of escapism and fantasy was key to the brief as well as appealing to the US market. 

We came up with the idea of hand colouring vintage style illustrations of both the lime and the pineapple and incorporating the escapism through magical fantasy birds. The beautiful frills and tail feathers of the lime bird are elegant and completely out of the ordinary. The parrot bird on the pineapple is used with the Joiy brand for a strong visual connection. Both of these can designs feel sophisticated and light with the white can helping to reflect the low calorie, sugar and alcohol content.

The latest can design is for a new cocktail range for the Canadian market starting with a Mimosa. Again we need to design a beautiful label that feels sophisticated while still capturing the heart of the Joiy brand with escapism. We captured the Mimosa flavour profile with a lovely pastel orange background, adding subtle bubbles floating up the can to speak to the drink being made from orange juice and sparkling wine. Then we created a vintage inspired orange hot air balloon. We added orange blossoms and leaves at the top of the orange half to really help people identify that this is an orange, as well as seeing the segments at the bottom. The hot air balloon was used to capture the idea of floating, like the bubbles, and to  feel dreamy and escapist. We’ve placed Classic Mimosa in a modern, art deco inspired font to add to the origins of the drink as well as adding elegance and sophistication to the label. We are currently working on more packaging design for a new cocktail to expand the range and another wine as well as a zero alcohol option. 

The second cocktail is a Sangria made with red wine and apple juice. We designed a beautiful, sophisticated label that captures escapism from the Joiy brand while expressing a real Spanish feel since this is where Sangria originated. We created a flamenco dancer, adding fantasy by replaced her flowing, layered skirt with a red carnation, the national flower of Spain. Her arms are in a typical flamenco pose, one hand holding a flamenco fan while the other features a red apple. Her head has been replaced with apple blossoms and leaves to speak to the apple in the drink. Her floral head helps create a unique figure that represents the brand ethos, an elixir of enjoyment, celebrating the joy of drinking Sangria while immersed in Spanish traditions and culture.

We were tasked with redesigning Joiy’s Pinot Gris can to better expresses the Joiy brand. The Pinot Gris is called State of Grace, which is a condition of being free from sin, being in a pure and heavenly state. Our new illustration captures this by showing an elegant, contemporary woman diving in front of a large gold sun. She is taking a leap of faith of diving into the unknown, the blissful excitement of possibility and fun.

Grande Rouge is a new red wine being added to the product range that required a more masculine design. The can takes inspiration from the meaning of grand, to be stately, majestic and dignified which made us think of royalty and kings. Lions are kings of the jungle and animals that are impressive in size and appearance. So we combined a regal kings body with the head of a lion wearing a crown. The pose is strong and stately and has presence, like this big, bold red wine. Combining the two adds magical escapism to the can to reflect the Joiy brand ethos while ensuring it has a strong, masculine feel. The colours also feel regal and grand with the use of gold, deep reds and cream. To ensure the can immediately conveys it’s a red wine we placed a large red circle in the centre, behind the lion king and text. The background of the can is cream and features a subtle gold pattern of a repeating royal lily symbol.

We redesigned the Joiy website as it needed simplifying but to keep the quirkiness. The client wanted light, clean, refined, modern and fun with strong use of white background. The new design needed to primarily communicate the brand story and push online sales. We did this by making the shop very accessible with a continuous drive to ‘Shop’ page, having a shop link in the home page banner, as well as featuring products right underneath with links to individual pages. The cans now look consistent with each can shown on a white background, but when you hover over the image you see a photo of the can being drunk or how it looks in a glass to bring it to life. We also introduced icons on the product specific pages capturing the unique selling points of each product.

Whenever we are talking about the brand ethos and the mischief makers we created new magical, escapism illustrations like a rider on the flamingo, a puffer fish hot air balloon and a monkey hang off a toucan bird. These add colour, fun and the Joiy brand to the simple white background without overpowering it. The new website design perfectly balances clean, refined and quirky fun.