Hem Communities

Hem Communities is a not-for-profit company focused on delivering affordable housing. It is the brainchild of Myers Planning & Associates who are a building design and town planning practice based in Warrnambool. 

Their primary goal is to create affordable housing that is local, sustainable, and contemporary. They hope families, singles or couples who live in their properties can stay and become part of their local community.

Hem Communities Logo And Icon Design
Hem Communities Logo And Icon Design
Hem Communities Icon Suite Design
Hem Communities Booklet Design
Hem Communities Letterhead Design

We began with the concept of creating a suite of icons that come together and work alone to perfectly capture the feeling of community and what it like to live in the various environments like coastal / Warrnambool, rural and urban. It speaks to affordable housing 

by showing stylised icons for homes but also that a house is more than a building, it’s the way we live, work and play in our environments. The way we socialise and interact with others in our community. Having a collection of icons helps reinforce our connection to others and well as our surroundings.

We’ve designed an initial range of icons around the themes of  coastal / Warrnambool, rural, urban and social / generic. Coastal includes generic coastal things like waves, life ring, boats, whales, lighthouse, anchor as well as a few iconic buildings of Warrnambool. 

Urban shows different building styles from home to offices. Roading signs and intersections. Rural is farm buildings, trees, sunshine, produce that is grown like wheat, apples, sausages representing farming animals. Social / generic shows things we like to do like shopping bag, coffee, cocktail, burgers, music, sport, parks like flowers and trees. 

Each icon has been designed to fit in the same square area so that they can fit together well, flow into each other and become interchangeable. The logo features contemporary, bold sans serif font that is easy to read and friendly. This sits in the heart of the logo as it is surrounded in a collection of icons representing the community. The brand colours are blue since Warrnambool is a coastal town.

We designed a larger collection of icons surrounding the logo type to work in various formats like A4 document covers.

We developed branding, publication & print documents and digital website holding page design