Greytown School

Designing illustrations to bring Greytown School’s values to life and clearly communicate the values while engaging students across signage, posters and certificates to help embed the values.

Greytown Schools curriculum is underpinned by their teaching and learning Summit values. Greytown School encourages and supports their children’s Hauora/Wellbeing by creating a school where children feel they belong and are safe to be themselves. They strive to inspire, strengthen and lead, a teaching and learning culture where Collaboration, Innovation and Challenge thrive, in order for their children to feel and be Purposeful as informed and active life-long learners.

Greytown School Values Badge Design
Greytown School Values Poster Designs
Greytown School Innovation Value Illustration Design
Greytown School  Values Mural Illustration Design

Greytown School engaged us to bring these values to life through illustrations and stylised badges. We started by workshopping with a team of principle, teachers and students representatives to understand what these values meant to them and the best way to connect with the target audience. This team were involved throughout the development process to ensure we achieved the best results possible.  

Based on our briefing of understanding what these values meant we came up with the concept for each value to best showcase the value in a fun way.  The illustrations are stylised, utilising simple shapes and exaggerated features to obviously convey a diverse range of students with the supporting elements like the boy holding the map with the giant backpack that is kitted out with water bottle, compass, mattress and flag to show preparedness in getting where you want to go, that speaks perfectly to being purposeful. 

We then created a set of badges that were inspired by boy scout / girl guide adventure / task badges that represent achievement of values. Each is a different shape that works with the stylised graphics. Each of these graphics pulls out elements from the illustrations like the basketball from Collaborate. These badges then became instant identifiers for these values and when supported by the illustrations perfectly capture these values for Greytown School. We used brand colours so these badges sit beautifully with the logo. 

We applied these illustrations and badges across a range of collateral. Firstly we combined all of the values into a signage mural that was installed on the basketball wall in the playground. Large posters were created for each summit value that were placed around the school. Then we designed certificates where any student who has demonstrated learning in any of the values get presented to acknowledge their achievements.