General Store

General Store Martinborough offers a beautifully curated collection of their favourite brands for their customers to love and treasure.

General Store is a small, independent locally owned clothing and lifestyle store. They are home to some of the most lusted after and desirable items from New Zealand and around the globe. They are passionate about supporting New Zealand design especially those with a strong focus on sustainability so customers get quality and longevity to love and treasure for years to come. 

General Store Logo And Icon
General Store Small Round Signage
General Store Small Round Signage
General Store Front Window Signage
General Store A-Frame Signage

General Store needed a brand that is contemporary and stylish with a classical approach. They had just built a brand new store that is modern and minimal with beautifully considered design and need a brand to showcase this. We designed a stylish and elegant logo and monogram that captured these brand values of contemporary, stylish, curated, minimal and refined. The bespoke type incorporated elements of the class serif font into the modern sensibilities of a sans serif font. We crafted the letters to include beautifully considered thick and thin strokes. The thin lines adding refined elegance while the thick strokes add contemporary boldness. Subtle curves within the letter forms as a soft friendliness as they want their customers to feel relaxed and comfortable in their inviting retail space. We choose to place general all in lower case to add to the approachability and this also allowed us to make a feature of the g. Two perfectly rounded circular shapes make up the two parts of the g adding a minimal and refined touch. The top flick of the g has been crafted into a solid, minimal circle and the bottom section of the g has been filled with a clean diagonal line to add a unique sense of beautiful craftsmanship. This g is then used separately as a monogram as a clear and simple identifier.

The General Store postcards perfectly showcase the monogram as it is blind embossed. This is where there is no ink used, just embossing which presses the design into the postcard, creating a subtle and elegant effect that changes depending on the angle of the light. This adds beautiful craftsmanship, just like the clothes and products in the store.

The monogram is also featured on the stylish store signage as the gold monogram sits beautifully inside the contemporary, black, round signage. This works perfectly as the full logo is placed on the windows as well as on the simple, stylish footpath sign.

Instore packaging has been designed for it’s stylish craftsmanship and to enhance the customer experience and reinforce the brand. Each purchase is wrapped in bespoke General Store tissue paper and fastened with an elegant monogram sticker. 

We are currently designing and developing the new website that better represents this premium, contemporary clothing and lifestyle store in a modern, minimal and beautifully considered way.