Smell like a skunk? You need some Funk. The ultimate attitude where freshness meets excitement, custom scents that will get you smelling good, feeling chill and part of a growing community.

Two great mates in their last year of school were sick of immature fragrances and decided to pursue the perfect fragrance. They wanted a brand that captured this rebellion, that expressed a genuine brand that consumers could truely connect with, feel a part of and embrace the funk lifestyle.   

Funk Logo Design
Funk Deodorant and Cologne Design
Funk Illustration Design
Funk t-shirt Design
Funk Poster Design Series
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Embracing the 70’s music funk style was the beginning of this brand development. We crafted a funk script style logo that expresses disco beats and the 70’s vibe through the groovy swirls and flourishes. It feels flashy, lively and fun. Then we created a 70’s inspired colour palette with orange and brown at the centre. Colour is such a powerful tool in conveying a mood or feeling and this palette immediately takes you to a time and place.

To add the modern excitement and youthful attitude of the Funk brand we illustrated a series of skunk skateboarding characters. These were inspired by the attitude of Smell like a Skunk? You need some Funk. The simple, one colour illustrations show a character skate boarding, capturing the interests of the target market. We gave the skateboarder a skunk head and tail to bring in humour and attitude. 

To keep the brand fresh and creative we creative a series of monotone photos that we placed transparently over key statements and colour blocks. Smell Like a skunk? Use funk works with a photo of a skater mid air.Slam Dunk with Funk has a basketball in the air about to slam dunk and Use Fun ya punk has a punk rocker playing guitar. This is a vibrant and eye-catching way to showcase a few of the target audiences potential interests of skating, basketball and music / guitar. They express the funk lifestyle in a energetic, bold, stand out and take no prisoners way.

When we combine the Funk logo, vibrant colour palette, with bold coloured type and either the fun illustrations or product photos the brand feels youthful, energetic, vibrant, refreshing and in your face.

We applied this brand design to the packaging of both the roll-on deodorant and the cologne. We designed promotional posters and social media templates. Which are an important tool in getting funk into peoples faces, or feeds at least so customers can immerse themselves in the world of Funk.