Branding design that showcases innovation, transformation and the merging of the Italian tradition of charcuterie with the natural flavours of New Zealand.

Epicoria celebrates the quality and fresh flavours of New Zealand’s finest natural ingredients, merging natural science and centuries-old European curing methods to deliver the flavour of New Zealand through lamb and beef charcuterie. The client required a brand that appealed to high end restaurant chefs and captured this unique new product that infuses the Italian tradition of charcuterie with the natural flavours of New Zealand. As they are transforming the industry, creating innovative, novel, out of the box products they wanted a brand that felt like you were discovering new and unusual products and tastes of New Zealand.

Epicoria Illustration Suite Design
Epicoria Swing Tag Design
Epicoria Foldout Brochure Design
Epicoria Wrapping Paper Design
Epicoria Sticker Seal Design

Our branding reflects this merging of natural science and centuries-old European curing methods and the fresh flavours of New Zealand’s finest natural ingredients through innovative mash up images. These images merge two things that represent things like the key flavour profiles, the animal the meat comes from, the science, the chef and Italy. These images speak to the creative, innovative and transformative approach to Epicorias products and add a happy, humourous touch. 

We created the images using a vintage look and feel to add a sense of quality and history and story to the brand. The collection of images add a real novelty feel and make the brand feel quite out of the box and innovative which is key to the brand.

The Epicoria logo features a E that has been cleverly crafted into a double meat hook to showcase the curing of the meat. The type face chosen has been inspired by the Italian charcuterie signage, ensuring it has a contemporary twist to reflect the brands innovative new world approach. We chose a bold and bright deep blue as the primary brand colour. Blue blue is associated with trustworthiness, reliability and professionalism while the vibrancy of the blue is contemporary, energetic and dynamic. Blue beautifully captures New Zealand and our vast blue skies and oceans as well as oceans relating to salt which is key to the curing process. The colour blue boosts our ability to think creatively, reaffirming the notion that blue is the colour of innovation. This perfectly expresses how Epicoria is transforming the industry, creating innovative new products.  

The packaging design introduces the mash up illustrations that come together into diamond shapes, feature elegant lines dividing each and then places the logo and product within a bold diamond that integrates seamlessly into the pattern. Each product is featured in a different colour way that captures the flavour profile and the earthy, natural colours of New Zealand’s natural environment. This not only creates a suite of products that look beautiful together but also ensure they are easy to identify.

We developed branding design, packaging including stickers, wrapping paper and swing tags, publication & print of brochure, stationary and website which is still in development

“Using local company Dustyandlulu for our new cured meats company for branding and design has been amazing from the go. You meet, think about what you have ideas for, they come back with an in-depth brief of design choices via mood boards, you start to refine ideas together, then they come up with something you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams!

Great process, great people to deal with, I really enjoy sitting face to face too. Real people who create off the wall seriously unique designs.”

Rachel Priestley