Brand and packaging design that tells the story of the owners ancestors navigating their journey via the stars and constellations to emigrate to the new world of New Zealand.

Émigré is a boutique family owned vineyard that produces a unique traditional Bordeaux blend in Pinot country. It’s a misfit and always has been, ever since Bill Benfield and Sue Delamare planted the vines in the late 1980s, making award winning wine. They take the best advice, using innovative young managers and up and coming wine makers to create high quality and great tasting limited edition hand crafted wine. 

Émigré Logo Suite Design
Émigré Wine Bottle Label Design

The name Émigré was selected as it means a person who has left their own country in order to settle in another which reflects the owners story. It also references Toby’s early ancestors, the first European settlers and emigrants in New Zealand. They wanted a label that expressed this journey and uniquely captured their wine offering of old world meets new wines.

We created an elegant, unpretentious label that clearly showcases constellations, which their ancestors used to navigate their journey to emigrate to this new world. The artistic, textural circular background represents the globe through it’s shape and the monochromatic colour reflects the night sky. We made the edges of the circle soft and more organic, rather than clean edged to feel unique and speak to the simple, unfussy, natural aspect of your brand. We’ve then overlaid simple line and dot work to symbolise the constellations of the southern hemisphere. 

The Émigré logo uses an elegant, classic, traditional and slightly condensed serif font. The accents are a beautiful shape, like little shooting stars. The cross bars in the E’s create simple stars as an elegant nod to navigation and the brand story. Having the  serif and sans serif fonts together reflects the meeting of old  and new worlds. 

We developed branding design and packaging wine labels