Dublin Street

Dublin Street is a boutique vineyard and winery in the heat of Martinborough wine village, New Zealand who are dedicated to growing and producing exceptional quality single vineyard Martinborough Pinto Noir. 

Dublin Street is all about caring and crafting, creating exceptional wines whose quality and flavour reflect their joyful toil. From tending the vines, to hand-picking the fruit, to handcrafting the wine in small batches everything is carried out by the owners on-site. They wanted a brand that reflected their values of quality, simplicity, stylish, refined, honest & caring.

Dublin Street Logo Design
Dublin Street Rose Wine Bottle Label Design
Dublin Street Pinot Wine Bottle Label Design

At the heart of these labels are unique alcohol ink art pieces. These abstract, organic shapes are vibrant and mesmerising as the ink dances across the surface, creating stunning and unpredictable patterns. The natural flowing nature of the art reflects the low intervention, organic approach to wine making and feels beautiful and honest, like the hand crafted wine. We worked with the very talented artist Cat Sleyer to bring our design vision to life.  

The logo features a simple and strong condensed typeface that ensures the foiled copper logo has great presence on the label. We crafted the N, adding white lines to add depth and a touch of hand crafted care. It’s generously kerned to add premium, contemporary feel.

The colour palette has been designed to offer natural colours that compliment the brand label artwork. The copper reflects the quality offering and injects an understated glamor into the brand. It is a warm shade that has a comforting, homely feel that makes it feel more approachable and down-to-earth than other metal shades, such as gold and silver. The rich deep blue is a dramatic, complementary colour.