Buttercream Workshop

Cakes and branding that demands attention like colourful street art as it expresses the finger licking good offering.

Buttercream Workshop create exceptional cakes for weddings and special occasions, based in Martinborough, Wairarapa. We began this branding project by helping articulate this unique offering and brand personality into four clear brand values. 

Buttercream Workshop Initial Concept Design
Buttercream Workshop Postcard Design
Buttercream Workshop Newspaper Advert Design
Buttercream Workshop Apron Design
Buttercream Workshop Cake Box Design

Creative: their cakes and small pastries are pieces of art, marrying creative, alternative decoration with thoughtful construction. The cakes demand attention like vibrant street art. 

Tasty: their hand crafted products not only look good but taste good too, high quality and full of flavour. 

Individual: they create unique cakes for each clients unique requirements to suit their personal and event style. 

Polished: their eye for detail ensures a well made, rustic but polished end product as well as lovely, professional service. 

The brand takes inspiration from typographic street art. We took a simple, strong condensed sans serif font and added depth through a beveled effect. We placed different colours to create shadows and therefore give the type a 3D feel. The white in-line adds a crisp, polished feel to the logo. We love how overall it feels like the built up layers of a cake. We contrasted this with a modern, polished, simple sans serif font that has been elegantly letter spaced to add a sense of contemporary quality.

We selected a slightly feminine colour palette to speak to the predominately female audience and balance the strong, more masculine construction, graffiti type. We also designed a supporting graphic of a hand with buttercream icing on it’s finger. The graphic stylised hand adds an element of street art and a teaser into taste. Who doesn’t love licking their fingers with icing!

We developed branding design and packaging