Brewtown is a beer lovers dream and designing unique event brands that ultimately celebrate beer while expressing a creative extension of the Brewtown identity gave us the chance to create memorable event brands that stick with audiences.

Brewtown Upper Hutt is Wellington’s only craft beer village with a number of great craft breweries and a boutique distillery. The team work with crafty brewers and restaurateurs to bring the best the Wellington craft beer scene has to off er in one place. Award-winning craft beer tastings with food to match. Brewtown were after different looks for each event that showcased the unique offering of each event and appealed to the target audience. 

Brewtown Oktoberfest Illustration Design
Brewtown Oktoberfest Poster Design
Brewtown Oktoberfest Beer Handle Graphic Design

We have created three event brands for Brewers Fest, Oktoberfest and Combustion. The Brewers Fest poster is a steam punk inspired look that’s taken the core theme of the love of brewing beer, the masters of brewing beer who love the science, and the crafting of the beer to perfection.

Oktoberfest plays with the Bavarian theme through humour and really getting the feeling of Oktoberfest with the German guy with a real craft drinkers beard and leaderhausens on, holding a big beer and a dainty little pretzel. We’ve brought textures to give depth and add detail. 

We wanted the combustion type to really stand out and feel a part of the flame, so we created the type to look flaming with the supporting type underneath. The style of the poster is textural and layered to feel screen printed to give a hand crafted feel, we added a speckled texture whilst using a half-tone texture on the main background. This adds depth and movement with flames and really draws the viewers eye in.

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