Beverage Bureau

Beverage Bureau a husband and wife duo connecting their portfolio of unique beverage and food brands with the right customers through professional and personable service.

Beverage Bureau are passionate about representing wine and food producers. With over 20 years in the industry they have a wealth of knowledge and experience, cultivating an extensive range of connections with retailers, bottle stores, restaurants, bars and grocery outlets. They’re all about casual excellence, personable professionalism.  

Beverage Bureau Logo Suite Design
Beverage Bureau Business Card Design
Beverage Bureau T Shirt Design

We began by developing branding that showcases Beverage bureaus inquire offering in a friendly and approachable way. We designed a logo that captures their extensive knowledge of the beverage industry through a stylised arm wrapped around a wine bottle, representing their product knowledge and how their customers are in safe hands. The legs express how they are responsive and are able to act quickly for their clients. Being boutique allows them to deliver a professional service in a friendly and responsive way.   

The relaxed style of the logo helps express we’re professional with a friendly twist. They are friendly, approachable people and the slight hand drawn style reflects this. We added halftone into the bottle and a stamp like texture throughout the icon to reinforce relaxed, like the want their customers to feel. We love the clever use of positive and negative space, with the arm solid over the wine bottle and the reverse out hand over the legs. The fact that thier is no top half of the figure makes the icon unexpected and fun.

We designed type that feels strong, confident and bespoke. Being a boutique business means they know tier customers and looks after their very specific needs. The type face has been uniquely crafted to express this unique service. We’ve taken a serif style and added modern specs of serif letterforms with thick and thin strokes. We’ve added soft curves and some relaxed forms to the letters to feel approachable and cohesive with the icon. The boldness and strength feels professional which when combined with the icon captures fun casual excellence.

We choose a vibrant colour palette of royal blue and warm red, supported by a warm soft beige. Royal blue expresses trust and confidence as well as being accepting and kindhearted. Bright blue shades like royal blue has been known to cause people to feel thirsty, perfect for a beverage brand. Red speaks to Beverage Bureaus passion for the beverage industry, plus it is a perfect appetite accelerator. Together they create a bold and eye catching brand.

So far the new branding has been used on business cards, wine bags and caps and social media. Their new website is currently under development.