Allee Espresso

Allee Espresso is a conveniently located hidden gem in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia where you’ll find delicious, consistent coffee served by friendly staff in their creative co.lab space.

Allee Espresso is a cosy, creative collaborative space where you are greeted by friendly staff who delight in serving damn good coffee and getting to know customers and making them feel at home. Allee Espresso has been created from the desire to offer consistent, high-quality coffee that’s ethically produced, to support locals working around our lane way. 

Allee Espresso Logo Design
Allee Espresso Illustration Suite
Allee Espresso Illustration Take Away Coffee Cups
Allee Espresso Coffee Cup
Allee Espresso Barrista Apron
Allee Espresso Exterior Signage Design
Allee Espresso Window Signage

We began by developing branding that makes coffee the star, like the brand value of focused and also creative to reflect how they are offering a new way of experiencing coffee though their stand up / co working space that feels creative and fun. A experience that appeals to big picture thinkers, number crunchers, creatives and day dreamers. We created a brand design that is professional with an intriguing creative twist.

We illustrated a series of fun, coffee focused illustrations that celebrate how coffee is an addiction for so many of us. Each of the modern, stylised graphic illustrations feature a person interacting with coffee in different ways. A figure is bent over beside a takeaway coffee cup with their head plunged into the coffee. Another has fallen directly into the coffee with only arm and legs sticking out. The posture makes it feel like they’ve happily plopped into the coffee like a marshmellow. An expresso cup with arms wrapped around to again express the love of coffee. We think the idea of only showing arms and not the rest of the body makes it more humourous. The last coffee cup shows only the head of a person sticking out of the cup, with the eyes closed to reflect the blissful love of coffee. The idea that they are taking a soak in the hot tub, showing not only the love of coffee by absorbing yourself in coffee but the idea of relaxing, feeling welcomed and able to make the most of the space. These humourous illustrations offer memorable graphics that feel friendly, welcoming and a bit unexpected. We’ve used a simple, clean illustration style to clearly capture what is happening using the minimal amount of lines and solid shapes. 

The modern, fresh logo feels simple, clean and bold which makes it easy to read and feel friendly. It’s simplicity makes it feel very focused. We added generous letter spacing to feel contemporary. Allee is placed large, with Expresso small underneath. 

The takeaway coffee cups celebrate coffee by using a different illustration on each of the different sized cups. These immediately convey Allees brand values of love of great coffee with a humorous twist. The illustrations have been used across signage, digital assets as well as on the staff aprons, where the arms and legs are wonderfully falling into the apron pocket.

 We developed branding, packaging takeaway coffee cup design, staff aprons, signage and digital website design and social media assets