Local brand expressing local iconic places through illustrative packaging

Locally brewed premium small batch kombucha

Packaging design

Rawdon’s kombucha uses the finest ingredients which they infuse with combinations of herbs, spices, flowers, dried fruit and dried vegetables to create each unique flavour. They ferment their kombucha naturally and do so in small batches, which ensures they produce a consistent and flavourful drink.

Based in Featherston in the South Wairarapa, the client wanted the labels to showcase local places and the hand crafted nature of the kombucha. They already had their brand logo and had launched with Remutaka Ruby, which they later got us to redesign due to the success of the design of the first two labels.

We loved the idea that each label would be a piece of art, placing the brand name consistently on all labels, but having fun with the way each label is expressed. We started with the Trankling Tararuas label. This label was to reflect the local Taraurua mountain range. This strikingly beautiful label is simply executed, immediately highlighting the rolling Tararuas. The colour graduation showcases the colours of a sunset and the flavour profile of carrot and cranberry perfectly.

The second was the Tauherenikau Twister label which was to showcase fishing the local Tauherenikau river. This attractive and mesmorising label draws you in through the stunning twists and turns of colour to reveal the fisherman fly fishing. The twisting river has been made up from a beautiful range colour colours that reflect both the water and the flavour profile of the drink, with yellow to represent the lemon grass and lime notes, while orange captures the ginger flavour. We love the flowing, organic nature of the twists and curves. We wanted them to feel like they were flowing water but add enough twists to reflect the name.

The third label is for Remutaka Ruby. This label is about reflecting the old fell engine that use to travel over the Remutaka hills. The Remutaka Ruby label uses a minimalistic illustration style through limited colour and tones. The steam train is illustrated on a dynamic angle, showing perspective. The train is made up of deep ruby reds for shadows through to a bright red for highlights. These colours represent the ruby flavour notes. The green tones compliment these and make up the environment with trees and hills to add depth.

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Local brand expressing local iconic places through illustrative packaging
Local brand expressing local iconic places through illustrative packaging