Design that focus’s on honest, understated food with incredible flavours

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Nick and wife Susan own the popular Martinborough joint Café Medici while also running a catering business Nick Arnold Catering. Nicks loves creating food that is honest, remarkable and simply perfect. He is inspired by where food comes from, how it was created, how to look after it, and how to cook it perfectly. They use local ingredients and fresh produce to create honest, understated food with incredible flavours. They approached us to rebrand the cafe as Medici Kitchen to better reflect his food philosophy and experience. Then to seperate out the catering business to create a new brand that didn’t use Nicks name.

So with the new name Trestle & Mortar, we created a sophisticated and stylish logo, bringing together the classic elegance of a serif typeface with a contemporary, stylised icon. The logo feels premium with a twist of modern innovation. The icon is made up of two trestle tables sitting with a circle, which represents the mortar. The trestles inside the circle also cleverly form a T, M mark. The light line weight feels tasteful and refined to speaks of high quality. We designed a beautiful visual website that utilises large images to really showcase the food. This is complimented by the sophisticated colour palette of bronze, blush pink and charcoal.

For Medici Kitchen the logo is simple, tasteful and modern. It expresses a sense of high quality and the simplicity, helping build on Medici’s iconic status. We created a vibrant, passionate and innovative feeling colour palette. We’ve started with a strong, deep navy blue and contrasting mushroom colour for the logo, introducing supportive colours of mustard, red, aubergine and a muted green.  We created supporting illustrations of artichokes, asparagus, beetroot, shrimp and pineapple using a half tone effect. These illustrations add an earthiness and focus on fresh, seasonal, local produce to reflect Nicks honest food. The website uses the same template as Trestle & mortar, just re skinned for the cafe. It features the rustic artichoke illustration as well as stunning, large photos of food.

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Design that focus’s on honest, understated food with incredible flavours
Design that focus’s on honest, understated food with incredible flavours