Offering fine dining on the street for everyone to enjoy

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Branding, print design, illustration and signage

Good Times food truck offers fine dining out on the street for everyone to enjoy. They encourage customers to try something new from their fresh, local and creative menu. They serve it up fast with a fun, happy and energetic attitude.

We designed the logo using a flowing script style which has a lovely nod to marker pen street graffiti but with a refined edge. We then added a exaggerated 3D shadow to give the logo depth, strength and street art appeal. We designed a series of supporting, street style illustrations, starting with a donut that has a mouth consisting of teeth and extra long tongue. The smile relates to good times on your taste buds. The donut has fish skeletons to add extra unexpected creativity and attitude. The donut also has a delicious drip, to showcase how it is oozing flavour. Other food items we illustrated are a dripping piece of bacon, lettuce leaf, mushroom, banana, but the banana has been peeled to reveal a bone inside. The hot dog also has an unexpected bone at one end too add a bit of bad attitude. We have a condiment bottle spraying out goodness. We then incorporated some street graphics to reinforce the fun, street, good times vibes. These include a good vibes, hand loose hand with an exposed bone, lighter, marker pen and spray can. We’ve added curves to each illustration to add energy and interest. The illustrations are bold and graphic which immediately convey a fun, energetic street feel that says good times.

We applied the new branding to the food truck signage, business cards, social media assets.

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Offering fine dining on the street for everyone to enjoy
Offering fine dining on the street for everyone to enjoy