Igniting curiosity through immersive, intimate and fun hosted experiences

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Branding and website design

Flint & Fable is a new experience yet to be launched. They will be offering immersive, intimate and fully hosted small group tours of the Middle Thames. Guests will explore back roads, meet clever local people and taste and learn about quintessential England and the Middle Thames River. Pre reading will help ignite participants curiosity as they delve into the rich history and stories of this region. Our target audience is predominately 50 - 75 years old from Western markets, initially New Zealanders and Australians who have bucket lists of travel and are interested in reading, history, culture, food, wine, and gardening.

Our logo design puts the storyteller / tour host at the heart of the brand through this bespoke English character. At first glance the logo feels high end and trustworthy, then as you look at the character in more detail you see beyond the top hat and tails and see that his head is actually a red kite hawk, reflecting igniting curiosity and the unexpected storytelling of the rich heritage and culture of the region, with the red kite representing the region. The character is in a walking pose to showcase walking and rambling on the tour. He’s using an oar as a walking stick to offer a strong nod to the Thames river that is weaved throughout the tour. We’ve chosen a traditional serif font, then softened it to add the friendly, convivial feel by placing it all in lower case. A perfect marriage of informal and high end excellence. We’ve created the ampersand as a knot to represent the boating and the river.

The colour palette has been developed to reflect the region. Two of thee colours are a warm grey to represent the famous flint stone and a burnt orange to represent the red hawk and the brick buildings and boats of the area. Together the colours feel rich, with a rural sophistication feel.

The website has been designed to include lots of stunning photos to visually showcase the region and unique experience of the tour. Full screen images capture each of the four key themes of the tour, which we have made a strong feature of the website to really connect with the target audience, appealing to their love of culture, gardens, walking and dining.

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Igniting curiosity through immersive, intimate and fun hosted experiences
Igniting curiosity through immersive, intimate and fun hosted experiences