The Living Gallery


Client: The Living Gallery
Project: Branding

The Living Gallery is an exciting new project currently under development. It will be an online blog / online shop for retailers to log in and look at the suite of brands that the Living Gallery represent and select for their shops and the general public to buy from. They will be offering everything on trend – furniture, jewelry, accessories etc. They will place the consumer in the drivers seat; driving the style direction and product mix. Product lines will be deleted once the interest in purchasing has declined and replaced with newly found on trend items.

The initial brief talked about including skulls due to the unexpected nature of including a skull with a name like living gallery. That the symbolism behind the skull is often more positive than negative, being a symbol of change – good and bad and showing victory of death over life. The logo still needed to reflect being inspired to shop and the joy of a new purchase. We came up with a wonderful idea of combining a skull with a diamond. We thought of diamonds representing something to cherish, beautiful and so loved. We love the cleverness of this icon. Some may see a diamond first, others the skull. We love the subtlety of it. By only placing the defining diamond lines in the bottom half we allow the top to contrast, allowing the skull features stand alone. We placed this icon in the centre of the type, creating a unique stamp like quality to the logo.

We designed stunning business cards, using fluro pink and embossing the icon to add wonderful visual impact and a beautiful tactile quality to the card.

We’re currently working with our lovely client to design their website, part of which has been to create a series of icons used to represent the different areas they will be covering in their blog and site. The whole personality and approach of the brand is unique, different, quirky, fun, young, cool, hip and unexpected. The icons were designed around this, adding a fun, retro, stamp like quality to the brand.


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