We’re into swapping. As little farts we swapped our marmite and cheese sammies, especially if it was for a pie with all it’s meaty goodness. We swapped marbles and trading cards. So we figured why not start swapping again, not wife swapping but art, design and creative treat swapping.

We’ve created Swapsies an opportunity for everyone to swap their creations and make their lives pretty. It’s already happening overseas but we wanted a New Zealand based site that focuses on promoting amazing kiwi talent. Of course we’ll still swap with creative talent around the world. We love creativity and passion and love collecting things that inspire and delight us, and we think others might too. And it’s all free, well expect for postage.

How does it work?
We’ll aim to have a swap every fortnight. We’ll feature this on the website. If you like what you see and have a trade, play Swapsies.

Propose your swap by clicking the submit your swap button. Then you can email us an image of your proposed swap and a wee description. The featured artist can pick whatever they love. If your piece is chosen it’ll be showcased on the website. We’ll contact you with the email details of the featured artist so you can swap addresses. You are responsible for getting your swap to them and them to you, that includes any postage costs. Soon you’ll be making your life prettier. If yours isn’t picked don’t be sad, there’s always next time, and some people have crap taste.

What can you swap?
If you’ve created it, you can propose it. It’ll be over to the featured artist if it rocks their socks.

How many are available for Swapsies?
Each featured artist can decide how many they want to swap from 1 to 6, then we’ll let you know what’s up for grabs.

How do you become a featured artist?
We’ll contact artists we have participated in Swapsies to see if they want to feature and feel free to email us at dustys@dustysandlulu.com if you’re