capturing this unique kiwi experience

Knowing the land,
knowing the people


Nathan Mirfin is a Kiwi through and through. He’s a hunter, he’s a fisherman and he’s a passionate host. He offers real kiwi experiences along with a little piece of luxury on the shores of Lake Te Anau. His name, Fiordland B&B did capture his unique offering.

We came up with the name Salt + Earth to stand apart from others in the tourist arena. The name evokes imagery of rustic beauty and tells guests they are going to experience something genuine. If you say that someone is the salt of the earth, you mean that they are a very good and honest person. This reflects Nathans personality as well as the real, authentic kiwi experiences guest will have. Salt represents water, especially crayfish the area is so well known for. Earth stands for soil and dirt, describing the place in a raw, rustic way. The idea of Salt & Earth is like surf and turf, representing the crayfish and deer of the region.

The design has a humorous, thought provoking graphic of a hunter, with a deer head, oilskin, red bands, riding a crayfish. It captures the deer and crayfish industries Fiordland has been built on as well as the hunting and fishing experiences guest have. The real illustration reflects the brand personality perfectly. We combined this graphic with a beautiful serif font that adds a sense of history, experience and high end. The natural, real colour palette combines colours that have been inspired by both salt and earth.

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capturing this unique kiwi experience
capturing this unique kiwi experience